Passion, Quality, and Love

I take great pride in knowing that the 3D castings I produce are going to stay with my clients for a lifetime. This is why I approach every casting as if it were my own, with passion, quality and love.

Our casting studio is a friendly and welcoming place where we will take you through the entire casting process step by step.

Meet The Sweetarts Casting Studio Family

This is our little Sweetarts Casting Studio family. We are Diane and Billy and our two little boys. All my life I have been creative and have enjoyed making keepsakes from all types of materials. I see myself as a perfectionist and take great care in everything I do.

When my eldest son was born I, like any parents, wanted to capture every mile stone. I would take many pictures and videos of my sons, but I wanted something else that I could treasure. On the arrival of my youngest, who arrived much earlier than expected, I explored other ways of capturing his tiny features. It was then that I discovered 3D life casting. I was so overwhelmed with this casting I knew that this was something I could perform and I wished to ensure I did it to a high standard.

I have been trained to the highest standard by the most prestigious lifecasters in the UK. The ability to create 3D castings with the utmost detail was amazing and lifelike. As I am a complete perfectionist, this art clicked with me instantly!

I will answer any messages you send and welcome you into our casting studio when you arrive for your casting. My partner Billy will normally also be in the casting studio and assist with larger castings. I will fully explain the casting process and ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved!