For many, becoming a parent is one of their proudest achievements. Now, you can showcase your new bundle of joys tiny features and create a casting that you can treasure forever. Our baby feet casting showcases the intricate and unique details of your child’s tiny features in a beautiful stone piece of art.

The Sweetarts Casting Studio creates stunning baby feet casting artwork that you can showcase in your home. Our casting skill allows us to capture smallest of details in your baby’s feet. This casting is something that you cannot ever replicate further down the line. Make sure you don’t miss out on having your baby’s feet casted and book an appointment today.


The Baby Feet Casting Process

When creating baby feet casting’s, we only use high-quality, natural stone material. This material is completely safe and your baby can even have their moulds taken while asleep! Awake or asleep, there is no need to worry about wriggling affecting the cast or the process taking too long as it is done within a matter of minutes.

Sweetarts Casting Studio Framing

At our studio in Glasgow, we can offer you a wide selection of frames that are exclusive to the UK market. All of our frames are of the highest quality and we have frames to suit every preference. Choose your frame colour, size and finish, so it perfectly matches with your home décor.

You can also customise your baby feet casting to suit the frame. Hang your new work of art in the hallway, dining room or centre stage in your living room for all to see.


If you have a question that we have not answered or would like a quote on our baby feet casting service, be sure to contact us today. We can also provide you with costings if you would like to go ahead with our baby hand and feet casting.