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If you have a question for us that you cannot find an answer for on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We can give you more information on the different types of castings that we offer. Furthermore, we can also give you advice on which one would be best suited to for you. Use the form below to find out more about our castings. If you need your own special quote, we are also more than happy to accommodate you.

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Sweetarts Casting Studio

At the Sweetarts Casting Studio in Glasgow, we aim to deliver a high-quality service that will provide you with a piece of art that you can treasure forever. From couples clasped hands casting to baby bump casting to baby hand and feet casting to family hand casting, we do it all! Our castings are works of art that can capture those precious memories throughout every stage of your life.

Based in Carluke, Lanarkshire, our studio is a welcoming place where we will ensure that you feel right at home. As you have your casting taken, we will guide you through the entire process step by step, guaranteeing that your casting experience is an enjoyable one. You can then choose from our beautiful range of frames to display your gorgeous new casting in.

If you would like to see more examples of the work we do here at the Sweetarts Casting Studio, be sure to check out our social media pages too. On our Facebook page, you will find an array of photographs showcasing the work that we do. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram to keep up with all our latest activities.