Pets are important members of our families and play a hugely important role in our lives. Pets also create memories that many of us want to capture and now you can do so with our pets cast service. We can capture your furry friend and all of the memories with our 3D casting. This is a fun and easy process that you will love!

We welcome bespoke orders when it comes to providing pets cast services. Sweetarts Casting Studio based in Glasgow also offers single 3D pet paw casts which can be mounted on a variety of plinths or in stunning frames.


Pets Cast Process

The pets cast process works similarly to our other hand casting services. The pets cast process can be done within minutes and will require you and your four-legged friend to submerge your hand and paw in the mould. Once done, your work is finished and this is where ours really begins! We will perfect your 3D casting, ensuring that every little detail is captured.

Our pets cast process is completely safe and we only use the very best materials. Our materials will not harm your pet in any way as the material is all natural. So you can be rest assured that your four legged friends will be in safe hands.

The pets 3D casts come in a wide variety of beautiful finishes and you can choose one that suits you. Dogs really are man’s best friend and now you can showcase this bond with this 3D work of art.


Get In Touch With Us

If you would like to experience our paw-riffick service, please contact us today. We can provide you with more information on our pets cast service and answer any questions you may have.